Lodge Cast Irons

I love my cast irons, I really do.  I own two, both are inexpensive and are super versatile. You could seriously throw away every other skillet you own and just cook with cast iron. They’re super reliable, easy to maintain, virtually indestructible, and really cook things well. The two I use are the Lodge 10.25″ and the Lodge 12″ .  The 10″ I use as an every day skillet, from whipping up some potatoes for breakfast to a delicious dutch baby for dessert.  The 12″ I use more for roasting whole chickens, or large amounts of vegetables in the oven.

The key to enjoying your skillet is to make sure you’re taking care of it.  I’ve linked ol’ Martha below to show you how to properly season a skillet; either when you first purchase it, or after you’ve neglected it for some time.

Caring for a cast iron skillet may seem like a commitment, but it’ll provide you with a lifetime of  use.

Leave a comment below, tell me about your cast iron stories and recipes.  Tell us what tricks you have to maintaining them. Oh, and hey, I just created a YouTube channel, check it out, i’m starting to compile some other cooking tips and recipes.


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